Learn WordPress3 News Late April


Time to upgrade your WordPress installations. WordPress 3.1.2 is available, and addresses some issues related to users being able to elevate their privileges. This is a hot security issue since these users could then “post away” on your blogs. Some minor bugs were also addressed, and details can be found at WordPress 3.1.2. The upgrade is smooth for stand-alone and multi-user blogs for our blogs and our associates blogs. As always though, be sure to back up your database before any upgrade, just to be sure.

Bulletproof Security and ShareThis have upgrades available as well.

The folks at WordPress Set Straight have added new videos and updated a couple more. This group does a great job at providing monthly updates to an already great training program. If you haven’t checked them out yet, or are still thinking about it, go to WordPress Set Straight and see what you are missing. They are a great time saver for any commercial blogger.

Alex has some great tips as usual over at Expert WordPress, and if you are not using his system, or at least part of his newsletter, you are missing out as well.

Happy blogging.



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